My Unfiltered Review of Sam Shiah’s Wall Street Mastermind Interview Prep Course

Hello and welcome to my review of Wall Street Mastermind, a service that instructs and mentors prospective investment bankers. Its creator, Sam Shiah, has been an investment banker for over ten years and would like to share his invaluable industry knowledge with you. Sam’s service aims to help you overcome the various recruitment obstacles standing between you and one of the highest paying jobs in the world.

Who is this Wall Street Mastermind prep course for?

Generally speaking, WallStreet Mastermind is great for anyone truly desiring to enter the investment banking industry. It is also highly useful to those new to the profession, seeking better positions within it, and to those pursing employment in other, similarly competitive fields. However, wall street mastermind is uniquely designed for people with no previous investment banking experience, that want to quickly pass their interviews and enter this lucrative, six-figure profession.

What has Sam Shiah Included in the Program?

So, what is included in this program? The program gives you the perfect combination of individualized attention, skill development and group support to foster your advancement as the next high-flying investment banking success story. Sam will personally assist you in perfecting your application materials, online professional profile and networking correspondence/scripted phone calls. Free of charge, and with unlimited revisions, he will help you improve and update your CV. Also, the investment banker will help you craft excellent cover letters and a top-notch Linkedin profile. As you work through the program and go on interviews, you will receive personal phone calls from Sam. Among other things, in these calls, he will critique your interview performances, make improvement suggestions and teach you how to properly answer certain technical questions. Sam takes a hands-on approach to your learning, routinely asking for progress updates to ensure your advancement. Moreover, he supports you emotionally by helping you overcome self-limiting thoughts and by boosting your self-confidence.

Wall Street Mastermind develops your technical and interview skills in efficient and innovative ways. It includes weekly lessons on only the most often encountered and difficult issues faced in interviews. You’ll actually learn the concepts behind solving certain problems and this will make you much more attractive to recruiters. Wall street mastermind also involves you in a live deal simulation, based on a real company case, wherein you have to use what you’ve learned in the course. This experience, which WSM offers for free, often costs $500 or more in other programs. The best part is you can use the simulation experience to enhance your CV and interviews. Additionally, Sam’s service gives you tips on becoming “top bucket” in your firm.

The program also offers excellent group support. There’s a Facebook Live group coaching call every week, during which you can ask Sam questions and glean information from those asked by others. Wall street mastermind also grants participants access to a private “Wolf Pack VIP” Facebook group, where they can network and discover employment opportunities from those associated with the program.


Is Wall Street Mastermind right for you? Only if you are intensely dedicated to and willing to work hard to become an investment banker.