Ace Your Next Job Interview with These 9 Tips

You wrote a great resume, and now you’ve been scheduled for an interview. Already the recruiter is interested in learning more about you, to see if you’d be a good fit for the job. Continue making a great first impression by nailing your job interview. Here are the top 9 ways to stay on top of your game and land your next job.

1. Dress nicely.

Whatever you do, don’t dress too casually. You must maintain a business-professional look even if you are interviewing at a more casual company. When in doubt, go for the nicest outfit you have.

2. Greet everyone with a smile.

The people you meet at the location you’re interviewing at may very well be your coworkers one day. Be nice and friendly to everyone to maintain an air of positivity. This actually makes for a great first impression!

3. Do your research.

Whatever you do, don’t come to an interview unprepared. Take as much time as you need to learn about the company. Look at its website, check its social media profiles, and do a quick Google search to see if there is any recent news.

4. Understand the job position.

The above research method can be applied to your job position as well. After you apply, take a deeper look at the requirements and qualifications. Make sure you know what the company would be expecting of you in the role.

5. Summarize the common questions.

There are always the same types of questions that interviewers will ask during the interview. Plan your answers ahead of time so you aren’t caught unaware and made to stumble through your answers on the big day.

6. Come up with your own questions to ask.

Near the end of the interview, the recruiter will say, “do you have any questions for us?” Always answer this with a yes! Come up with some intelligent questions that are related to the job position and what your role will be. This will make a great impression on them!

7. Remain honest.

If you don’t know the answer to something, it’s okay to just say so. Staying honest is your key to earning your potential employer’s respect and appreciation. While you never want to appear unintelligent, you don’t want to lie, either. Lying during the interview will mean you must maintain that lie forever if you were to be hired.

8. Don’t be late.

The biggest thing you don’t want to do on the day of your interview is be late. Nothing is worse than the feeling of rushing and panic because you want to show up on time to make a good impression. If you really can’t make it to your interview, it’s better to call and reschedule.

9. Follow up with a thank you.

Once your interview is complete, send a quick thank-you email to let them know you appreciate their time. This also expresses enthusiasm and passion for the job, making you more likely to be pushed to the top of the candidacy pile.