How to Make the Most of Your Job Interview

Landing an opportunity as big as a job interview is no small deal. It’s a great chance for you to move up in the professional world and prove your worth to a company that really matters to you.

Once you’ve landed your interview, you should be thinking of ways to maximize this opportunity. There are certain dos and don’ts of the job interview process that can help you prepare for as much success as possible.

Follow this short list of preparation tips to make your next job interview your best one yet.

Study the Job Closely

You’re already pretty familiar with the job description since you applied to it. However, do you know it super well? Would it benefit you to analyze the job more closely? It can help you during the interview process. Don’t just study the job requirements, but take a look at the company as well. What’s the company culture like? What work hours are expected of you? Are there any others who already work in that position?

Study Your Resume

The next step is to make sure you know exactly what qualifies you for the job position. Your resume is filled with a lot of great job experiences and skills that you think will give you a great chance at getting hired. But it might be beneficial to take some time to write down the best ways that your resume matches the job description. Your interviewer will ask you what makes you qualified for the job, so you can use this to prepare an answer.

Prepare Your Outfit

You should already know what you’re going to wear at least a day before your job interview. Nothing is worse than the panic of not being able to find your good clothes when you are already rushing so you won’t be late to the interview. Plan this out in advance so you have zero stress the day of! Plus, it’s good to know ahead of time what kind of dress code is expected of you. Usually, business professional is the way to go.

Know What to Bring

You should bring at least one hard copy of your resume along with you to your interviewer. In most cases, the interviewer may already have a printed copy, but you should bring your own just in case. It also shows that you are highly prepared and organized. You should consider bringing a list of references and a cover letter as well.

Practice Good Etiquette

Job interviews are all about maintaining politeness and professionalism. When you are courteous, people are much more inclined to remember you. Remember to kindly greet everyone you meet, including the receptionist, the interviewers, and any other staff members. Utilize good body language during your interview. Sit up straight, look people in the eye, and smile when you speak. This makes for an incredible first impression. Be sure to thank the interviewers for their time when you are done, and send them a follow-up email expressing your enthusiasm.